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It’s been a bit of a manic month since my last post… mainly with the socks that I last blogged about. The 10 stitch blanket is still on the go and I’ve added a 3rd 400g ball of Aran yarn. I am really enjoying it still, although it has been put on the back burner whilst I finish making the twins to the socks and it is beginning to get a bit big and warm to sit on my lap in the couple of days of scorching heat that we experienced.

Sock wise I have just one more to go which I will be pleased about when it’s finally done and I’m up to date with some WIPs at least. I did encounter a minor problem… I couldn’t find the pattern!! I looked through my various knitting folders and files, on Ravelry and google. Eventually in a bag which was shoved at the back of the stash, I did find the rather tatty and dog eared pattern and hand written notes which I read through, deciphered and compared to the rows and increases and decreases in the WIPs and it matched… so I have been able to continue with them. Phew!!!!

Out of the 3 pairs which required their matching other, I have only the cuff to do on one and then make the matching one which should be done in a day (dog walks excluded and something to do whilst Hubby is watching his usual crap TV.)

I have gone back on my word and cast on a new pair of toe up socks. This time I'm doing 2 at a time via the magic loop method, so no second sock syndrome!!! They were going well and growing nicely until I ended up hitting the black hole that the Yarn Harlot (Stephanie Pearl-McPhee) has noted in her work… the socks got to 16cm and refused to grow to the 18cm required seemingly no matter how many rounds are knitted. But I have finally broken through and now on the gusset increase.

The new cast on socks was not with the wonderful squishy and lovely yarn skeins from Hutch at Dye Candy that I photographed last time (more about what I’ve been doing with those skeins below) but instead using two 50g balls which have been weighed and wound from a 100g skein. Unfortunately, I have lost the label so I don’t know what the yarn comprises of, but it does slide beautifully across the needles despite them being KnitPro fixed cabled 2.5mm Symphonies, these are not my favourite needles as I find them blunt.

The downside to forgetting what yarn I am using, is that I don’t think it is reinforced, so I shall be forced to knit with two reels of Nylon thread when I come to turn the heel and make the heel flap.

There appears to be a craze at the moment for the German short-row method, which I will incorporate into the heel flap, this will hopefully give a nice effect, but I don’t usually have a problem with the usual wrap and turn method. But lets experiment!!!

These sock are for Christmas… but "it’s only August" I hear your shouts of horror. At time of writing this, there are only 145 days left until Santa visits and this year I am determined that family and friends will all get a hand crafted item… or maybe for the knitters and crocheters I will treat them to some yarn from Yarndale in 8 weeks time.

The yarn from Dye Candy that I received for July's Candygram has been sitting in the bottom of my bag going with me to my favourite café, ‘watering hole’ (read that as pub), local park on dog walks and to friends houses. It’s sitting in there as I’m contemplating what to design or create with it. I’m trying to get inspiration from the vibrant green colour and the squishyness. My first thought was a lovely vivid Westknits Herbivore , but I think that I am going to design something.

I’m currently on holiday at the time of writing this, when I get home I will see what surprise I get this month and if they will work in harmony together. If not, It just means double the fun at knitting more things.

In other knitting related news, a knitting group that I belong to on FaceBook– the Haphazard Knitwits. Keeps me inspired, in stitches – laughing, (no pun intended) and up to date with news in the knitting world, both political and just outright funny. Through this closed group, I have interacted with some lovely people, one of them Lucy, who is another Indie dyer on Etsy who can be found at Floof Fibre.

I am really excited for my delivery of Graffiti Ice Pop – Hand painted speckled 4ply sock yarn... If I am honest I have thought about cutting my holiday short so I can get back to the yarn and the HiyaHiya Sharp needles that I have ordered, but I don’t think Hubby or dog would be that approving (Although Bonnie the dog has just been stung by a wasp on her paw and is feeling very sorry for herself and limping!!!)

Next month I will be discussing the fun and headaches that 2 ply lace patterns are causing me as I continue to knit 2 versions of the Heliotaxis shawl

(Disclaimer – although I discuss yarn that I have bought from sole traders, I am not paid commission or have any affiliation to any company that I mention)

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