Blanket Days

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Hi, and thanks for subscribing and reading my new blog about my adventures and experiences through the world of yarn and needles.

Before I get to the knitty-gritty part, I thought I'd just write a couple of points of what you'll probably see and read when I post, and so I manage everyone's expectations.

  • My English grammar is awful. I use too many commas, lots of exclamation marks! Semi colons where they shouldn't and all that stuff they teach you at 10 and you've forgotten by 40.

  • I sometimes use mild expletives. Please don't be offended. I write as I speak.

  • I will probably be blogging via my mobile - expect typos.

  • My dog, Bonnie, will probably be referred to often... so will the 'hubby' (who embarrassingly, I never knit for.)

  • I'm open about my anxiety and epilepsy. I find knitting helps me stay grounded. That is... until I cast off a new design which I suddenly hate despite other peoples gushing comments and it goes into a box which I really wish was connected to a black hole!!

Blanket Days. To some people these are the days when lethargy strikes, hang overs hit, and the desire to whip back the blankets or duvets fails us as we keep hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock.

For me, June and the start of July has been a continuous (knitting) Blanket Day. I'm enjoying the fact that I've actually got around to knitting a pattern which has been in my Ravelry library for ages. "Frankie's 10 stitch Blanket". My Lord, I'm in love with this simple but effective master piece.

After designing and completing my last blanket, which although a labour of love now sits in Bonnie's basket where she sleeps on it!

I never thought I'd be in a rush to do another blanket for a long time. But this pattern requires just 10 stitches on the needles at any one time and is just garter stitch with short row shaping mitred corners. It's been bliss to do something simple and effective.

Although I'm loving it, I dont think my WIPs are.

They are sitting on their shelves in ziplock or tote bags staring at me. Begging me to pick them up and finish them... the fact there are 3 socks with no twins, plus one I've just cast on for no other reason than to try a new toe shaping out. 😫

A couple of lace heirloom knits and shawls desperate for attention.

I just can't pull myself away from the 10 stitch blanket. The tote bag it's lurking in will burst any day as its being knitted in Aran. I'm on the second 400g ball... and fully intend to use at least another 800gr. I can feel hubby's eyes wondering where it's going to go when completed. I think it'll be a lovely winter lap blanket, and I've already planned where it'll sit once completed and the seasons change.

Next on the list I promise to myself and everyone will be to finish off the socks and not cast on another pair because a fresh delivery of indie dyed sock yarn from has just landed on my door matt... but let's see.

I'll update the progress of the socks if and when I go cold turkey on this blanket! 😆


Knaresborough, UK

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