I'm a knitter with 30+ years of experience, and still learning. My designs, techniques and understanding develop with each creation... I believe a pattern is a recipe. You get the idea, the inspiration yet finely tune it and change it to your own taste. 


A Patient Yarn Lover

Why FlatCap? I grew up with parents travelling due to my dad's job, although they ended up in Lincolnshire before retiring to God's Own County. I settled (so I thought) in London working in Corporate Banking, then one day I packed it all in, moved up to North Yorkshire and started blending in with the local shepherds. Now the cap usually only comes off for bed and church.
The move 'up north' was probably dictated by the fabulous yarn and the friendliest yarn store owners you could hope to meet and raiding mum's yarn stash.
I have been knitting since 1984. Although it wasn't until 1999 when I went from a 'k'nitter to 'K'nitter. That was when I started knitting not only as a hobby and a passion, but I started designing my own patterns and building a stash of yarn and needles. 
In 2017 I tried crocheting... that didn't last long; except for a Granny Square Blanket that not even the dog wants to sit on, nothing good came from it. 
I specialise and love lace weight and heirloom knits. Although, I find chunky knits fun too, especially as they grow quickly.



Knaresborough, UK

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